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Meet the Lost Soles Team

Max Deisch

Climbing Guide | Shoe Resoler | Owner

I started my climbing career in the summer of 2006 through my friend Andres Rojas. He had been trying to get me to try it for months and I finally went one day with him at the University of Houston climbing wall. I was instantly hooked and bought shoes and a chalk bag the next day. I started working at the Texas Rock Gym later that summer and was fortunate enough to climb outdoors for the first time in the fall on a one week trip to El Potrero Chico in Hidalgo, Mexico. After experiencing the adventures of lead climbing on real rock mixed with rock fall, poisonous snakes, swarms of bees and climbers from all over the world I knew that I wanted to make climbing a large part of my life. After returning from the trip I met my climbing and now business partner Dave Wearden who mentored me in many of the technical and safety aspects of climbing. I developed an avid interest in expanding my climbing knowledge as much as possible and a desire to pass that knowledge on to other climbers. Over the years I have combined my passions for traveling, climbing and teaching which has allowed me to climb and lead trips in California, New York, Arkansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Nevada and Texas as well as in Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Japan. I plan to continue to travel and climb all over the world and do my best to pass on the knowledge and experience that I have gained over the years. (For more information on Max and his climbing classes please visit:

Favorite shoe: La Sportiva Katana Lace
Favorite climbing area: Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas
Favorite climb: Flying Elvis, Cave Creek, AR
Favorite post climb food: Pizza
Favorite music: I go through phases, right now: Odesza, Flume, Sylvan Esso, Bonobo
Favorite send song: Massive Attack - Tear Drop
Favorite rope: Sterling
Favorite type of rock to climb on: Sandstone

David Wearden

Climbing Guide | Shoe Resoler | Owner

For me, climbing combines physical activity, teamwork, nature, a sense of achievement and community all together. It isn't something to do just one time. You climb something and then start planning and dreaming about the next trip. There is no end, but there are constantly new milestones being met. No matter how much I climb or don't climb, it's always on my mind. My favorite style of climbing is somewhere between sport and trad. I don't care if it's bolted or not as long as I get far away from the parking lot.

Favorite climbing area?: Maybe Potrero. I like the experience of longer climbs in a foreign country
Favorite climb?: Dope Ninja? We had a bit of an adventure. Nothing dangerous, but nonetheless somewhat complicated.
Favorite type of rock to climb on?: Granite. I don't get to climb on it much though. Texas and all.
What interests you in teaching/instructing climbing to others?: In order to promote climbing, there is a need for more instruction.
Why do you guide?: I want outdoor climbing to be more accessible, and I would like for everyone to minimize the dangers involved.
What goals do you have for your climbing career?: Really I just want to be able to camp and climb. I would like to see new places and get some climbing in as I travel. One of these days I will do something big like The Nose, but it's more important to just have a good climbing trip.

Joe D'Ailleboust

Climbing Guide | Shoe Resoler

I've always loved climbing. Trees, structures, buildings, Whatever I could find. I was finally introduced to rock climbing when I was 17, a friend invited me to the Texas Rock Gym. Immediately I was hooked and knew that this is where I would find my greatest climbing challenges. I have since then gotten stronger and learned much more about climbing. I would love to continue this learning process and gain as much knowledge as possible in every climbing discipline I can so that I may continue to grow as a climber and climb as hard as possible anywhere!

Favorite shoe: 5.10 Anazasi VCS
Favorite climbing area: Cave Creek, Arkansas
Favorite climb: Flying Elvis
Favorite post climb food: Mexican

The Lost Soles Climbing Team

Rami Najjar

Sponsored Climber

Back as a 5 year old boy, I lived in Saudi Arabia and i loved to climb trees. As I got older, i would find harder and harder trees to climb. I would take walks around the neighborhood in search of the next "hardest" tree. At the age of 13 I moved back to Houston, Tx and my tree climbing days were halted. At age 15 I joined Lifetime Fitness in Sugar Land and climbed at the rock wall every day I could. It became an obsession. Soon Chris Meacham joined the climbing staff and put up some really hard routes. Through these routes, I began to get strong quickly and I had a burning desire to climb as hard as I could, even if it was above my limit. I loved to try stuff that was too hard for me and that's still a key factor in my climbing now, I love to project. As for my current climbing lifestyle: My favorite type of climbing is Sport Climbing and I do enjoy Bouldering as well but I treat bouldering as training for Sport Climbing. I have aspirations to climb Realization 5.15a in the future and I will do everything to get there.

Favorite shoe: I so far have 3 pairs of the FiveTen Anasazi V2's and i plan on buying more. I love them for all types of climbing, overhang or vertical.
Favorite climbing area: The red River Gorge is by far the best climbing I have ever done.
Favorite climb: I have obsessed over many routes and I really don't have a favorite yet. I do love overhung jug hauls that require endurance and dynamic movements.
Notable Ascents: Block Party 5.13a...House of Pain 5.13a...Super Cruiser 5.13a. I am currently projecting Wild Spider 5.13+ and i plan on sending it when summer ends.
Favorite post climb food: I am a dietary vegan but that doesn't mean I cant have good food! I love to eat a burrito bowl at Freebirds with extra beans or I like to eat good quality pizza with lots of veggie toppings (without cheese of course)
Favorite music: I really like the band "Pretty Lights" and have been listening to them for a long time now. I like alot of instrumental music.
Favorite send song: I always imagine myself climbing routes to the song Harmonium by the artist AndreasBeats.
Favorite rope: Anything that's 70 meters long, below 10mm wide and runs really smooth will do it for me!
Favorite type of rock to climb on: I love all types of rock but my favorite is Limestone because it can have such crazy features.

Grear Wilson

Sponsored Climber

I got started climbing while I was going to A&M Galveston. Like most climbers from Houston, I started in the gym. I would drive to Houston every friday to go climb at TRG. Couldnt really stop once I started. My first outdoor trip was to Hueco Tanks, so I got spoiled right off the bat. Most of the trips after that consisted of getting my ass handed to me on a platter at Mckinney Falls. I was mostly a gym rat who went outside when I could from like '07-late '10 until I scraped up enough cash to move to austin. Now I hardly climb in the gym. I started off almost only bouldering, but now I enjoy every form of climbing I can get my hands on. If I'm getting off the ground, I'm having a good time. My only long term climbing goal is to keep climbing, which shouldnt be very difficult. Short term goals: I would like to break into the double digits bouldering and climb a 5.13 by the end of the year. We will see.

Favorite shoe: Cobra, definitely
Favorite climbing area: Hueco tanks, hp40, Enchanted Rock (in the winter)
Favorite Climb: I probably got the best feeling of elation and scared myself the most on Runamuck 5.7+R (Erock)
Notable Ascents: Frogger V9, Trapeze Freak V8, Power Slut V8, The Borg V6
Favorite Post Climb food: Chipotle, or a huge bison patty