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Welcome to Lost Soles Climbing! We are not your average service specific climbing company. We do a little bit of everything and we spend countless hours perfecting each service in an effort to set the highest standards possible for our great sport and lifestlye known as rock climbing. Our true passion is climbing. Whether it be bouldering at Hueco Tanks, sending sport routes at the local crags or placing pro on the world's most beautiful trad lines, we're always climbing, teaching, and gaining experience that allows us to constantly improve all of the aspects of the climbing industry in which we are involved. Our indoor climbing consulting services range from basic climbing technique instruction to route setting and helping struggling or new climbing gyms accomplish their business goals. Our outdoor climbing consulting services range from setting up top ropes for our clients at crags nationwide to teaching climbers the safest way possible to climb in the mountains. As climbing consultants we strive to provide indoor and outdoor climbing consulting of the highest level, encouraging enjoyment, learning, and above all, safety of this exciting sport indoors as well as in the great outdoors. At Lost Soles climbing we also specialize in climbing and approach shoe repair as well as climbing volumes construction. As an official Five Ten resoler we are dedicated to providing climbing shoe repair of the highest quality, allowing climbers to continue using the shoes of their choice in order to accomplish the goals they have set for themselves. We offer half sole, full sole, toe rand, and touch up repairs for climbing and approach shoes. We treat each pair of shoes as if they were our own (we really love our shoes!) We are new in the climbing volume business but with our team of experienced carpenters partnering up with our team of experienced climbers we hope to bring new designs and ideas to the industry.

Lost Soles Climbing is co-owned and operated by Max Deisch and Dave Wearden, two motivated, passionate, and knowledgeable rock climbers. Combined, Max and Dave have eighteen years of climbing experience and eight years experience with organizing and leading climbing trips. The co-owners have a thorough understanding of the safety and technical issues related to climbing and strive to promote these very important elements. The Lost Soles Climbing team has six years experience in the shoe business and one year in the climbing volume construction business. We are constantly brainstorming and constructing new climbing volume designs in an effort to assist the evolution of the climbing hold industry.

Please look through our website and if you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us at 832-SEND-5.14 or by email at

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Pic of the Week
April 17, 2011 Arielle Danielson

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