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About Lost Soles Climbing

It is the passionate mission of Lost Soles to encourage enjoyable and safe climbing, by providing the products and services which will allow access to all those interested in this exciting activity. We strive to provide outdoor climbing consulting of the highest level, encouraging safety, learning, and above all, enjoyment of this exciting sport in the great outdoors.

Lost Soles is co-owned and operated by Max Deisch and Dave Wearden, two motivated, passionate, and knowledgeable rock climbers. Combined, Max and Dave have eighteen years of climbing experience and eight years experience with organizing and leading climbing trips. The co-owners have a thorough understanding of the safety and technical issues related to climbing and strive to promote these very important elements.

Lost Soles is dedicated to encouraging enjoyable and safe climbing as well as promoting low ecological, cultural and social impact in the outdoor climbing environment.


As outdoor climbing consultants, Lost Soles specializes in organizing and leading outdoor climbing trips throughout the Texas Hill Country as well as to Arkansas, California, Colorado, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Mexico and Colombia. Depending on your purchased climbing package, we include instruction on how to:

- Top rope climb outdoors

- Lead climb outdoors

- Trad climb outdoors

- Multi-pitch climb outdoors

- Ice climb

- Tie climbing knots

- Check top-rope anchors

- Clean top-rope anchors

- Belay using an ATC belay device

- Rappel using an ATC belay device

- Second a lead climber

- Manage and care for climbing gear

- Carry out proper crag etiquette